CFI or ME Comm first?

Strictly a timing question here. Assuming the next two ratings I plan to get are CFI and Multi Comm w/Inst, what is your opinion on what to do first?.Does one help when acquiring the other skill wise? My school is revamping their CFi curriculum and with COVID it’s taking longer than usual.


I would ask yourself what do you plan on doing with those certificates? Do you plan on exercising the privileges of those certs after you get them? I would focus on the certs that you will most likely use. Are you planning on getting your MEI?



I would speak to the school you are training with. Hopefully their curriculum is designed in a way that Ione builds on the other.



What licenses and ratings do you currently hold?


It used to be CFI->CFII->Comm Multi->MEI. Which you can work with Cessna till cfii and finish up with multi. After covid CFI school stopped for couple month and there is student backed up for CFI school. They are doing Comm single-Multi add on-cfi-cfii-mei order. In my humble opinion first one sounds better since you can focus in Cessna and finish up with multi.