CFI positions do they work with you?

Good Morning,

I am looking into attending ATP once I transition from the military. I know that the program guarantees a CFI position upon completion. I was wondering if the school works with you in order to place you in a CFI position in or around your local area? When I get out I will be moving to the Columbia SC area due to my wife’s family being local along with lucrative career opportunities she has in the area. The closest academies are in Charlotte NC and ATL GA. 1.5 hours and 3 hours away. I know my wife is not going to be willing to budge on moving to Columbia due to that being her life goal to live there and raise a family. I don’t mind transiting to Charlotte or ATL once I receive work its just an expense to budget around.


When you complete your training ATP will provide you with a list of available schools. Hopefully it’s one nearby. If not you have a choice to take a different location elsewhere or of course to look for a job at another flight school locally.



Unfortunately assignments are based on availability and company needs. ATP will try to place you where you want to be, but they can’t always do that. They do offer discounted housing for CFIs at most locations. They are reserved for students and CFIs only.

Like Adam said, if you don’t get what you want you can apply to teach at a local school.