CFI work and training

What does being a CFI entail? I live very close to an ATP facility that offers only the 40 hour ME option so I will most likely be looking at becoming a CFI in order to get the rest of my hours. However, I am a bit of an introvert so the thought of me lecturing in front of a huge class is a deterrent to becoming a CFI. I have no teaching experience and maybe it’s because I don’t know the material yet but I don’t feel that I will be a confident teacher. Does ATP teach us how to teach others?


No matter if you do the 40 or 100 hour multi program you will likely end up flight instructing to build your additional hours.

Being a CFI means sharing with others your knowledge of flying and helping them to achieve their goal of learning to fly. Typically at ATP this is done in a one on one or on on two setting, but there are some classroom type settings.

I didn’t have any teaching experience either and was also a bit concerned about my ability to teach. But after my first few flights as an instructor I got the hang of it and became very comfortable with it. Remember that by the time you start teaching you will be an expert on the material, with that knowledge comes confidence.