Change Pilot Career after 65 years old

I am currently 66 years old and have been a Flight Instructor for 18 years operating a Part 61 Flight School and want to continue learning. This enabled me to be a home dad while my kids grew up and now they are away from home in college. Aging out from the airlines, I would like to further my career as a Fractional pilot, 135 pilot or Corporate pilot. I have First Class Medical, CFII, MEI (no ATP) with 8200 hours. I would appreciate any positive input on ways to go about facilitating a career in this direction.


All of the mentors that you will find on here are airline pilots, so our focus is on the airlines and how to help people achieve that goal. None of us have been corporate pilots, so our knowledge in that area is limited at best. The best advice that I can give you is to go out to the local airport and start applying for jobs out there. You probably know who the people are that are flying jets. You might want to think about picking up your ATP as a way of gaining some experience with turbine powered equipment.
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Thank you Chris, I understand and I am in that application process.
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Paul Potter


Hi Paul,

I actually had a friend Hank a few years back who retired from FedEx but wanted to keep flying. He basically went out pounding the pavement, networking etc and eventually found a gig flying a Falcon. While I’ve never flown corporate I have friends who have and they all tell me it’s about who you know. If you have any friends in the business, or friends of friends, or friends of friends of friends… now’s the time to reach out.


Thank you Adam, I like that - “friends if friends of friends of…” this will work!

Paul Potter