Changing Careers into Aviation

Hi everyone, disclaimer I did read the first FAQ, if that means anything to anybody

I’m brand new here. I was supposed to go grad school for exercise science but I was always intrigued by Aviation. Now I am really wanting to be a pilot. However, I have no experience in Aviation besides doing a year of security at EAA (I went to college in the town that hosts it).

What I’m trying to figure out is, do I need to enroll in a college and get a degree, or will something like this cover me?

If this has already been asked a handful of times, feel free to remove this post. I am just looking for more feedback for those who came from a similar background and what learning curves were endured and such.

Thanks so much for your time.


Do you have an undergraduate degree?


I have a bachelor’s in Kinesiology (exercise science).


I see no point in you obtaining another degree. The time that it will take to do so is much longer than just going through an accelerated program, getting your licenses and building 1,500 hours.

The licenses and experience that you get at ATP would be absolutely what you need to get started down the path to an airline job. I was in a similar position to yourself when I started. I had a degree in business administration, I saw no point in obtaining another degree, so I went to ATP to get my licenses.


Sports Med here :raised_hands: