ATP questions

I have a question concerning flight schools. I am weighing my options as for college and flight schools. My mother really pushes for me to go to a university and do their flight program. She is against ATP for no apparent reasons. I am still weighing my options s as it is my life. Any suggestions on ATP?


While I am no expert I can tell you that you will need a degree in order to advance your aviation dreams. Also, since I am not familiar with your age or work history, ATP does require you to have either your PPL with 80 hrs, an associates degree, or work equivalent experience.

Personally, if you are young enough I would recommend that you attend college (either with or without an aviation program) to complete a degree so you have something to fall back on. After that plan to attend ATP if your school does not have an aviation program.

The mentors here can give you more guidance but I believe they will tell you close to the same thing.



I’m pretty sure we’ve ALL told you this already but we agree with your mother. While I understand you’re a young man and in a hurry you would benefit greatly by continuing your education and earning your degree. Listen to you’re mother, they often know best :slight_smile:


Thank you for your input. It is greatly appreciated. I will take this into consideration.

Wyatt Parks

I will for sure. No hate needed here :slight_smile: