Choosing my future career


I’ve recently found the forum and I find some of the information really valuable. That’s why I decided to ask a question here.

I should start with introducing myself. I am an 18yo, living in Europe, doing my final IB year in the high school. I aspired to be a pilot since I was very little and that motivated me to the hard work. At this moment, the only license that I have is a gliding one.
Currently, I am choosing a path that I should follow in the nearest future. I am thinking about either studying in Europe and doing all the licenses in a flight school and then working for one of the European airlines or (what I’ve always dreamed of) studying in the United States and working for a US airline. I would definitely go for the second option, however I have a lot of concerns.

Since I want to go to the university, I am thinking about Embry Riddle (I know that this is a very expensive way, but other universities that provide the flight training such as UND or Purdue cost almost the same amount of money for international students). After that, I would like to get hired by one of the regional airlines obviously. And this is where my concerns begin. I am not a US-citizen nor a US-resident. An education in the US would cost me a lot of money, and since I would like to make the most of it, I need to ensure that it is still possible to get hired there even though I am a foreigner.

How does the situation in airlines look like? Do they hire pilots from abroad? I would appreciate if you could help me to choose which way I should go for.

Hi Marcin,

To make things simple, this post, which can be found in the FAQ section, should answer your questions.


Does it mean that even the university could not sponsor the work visa?


To work as a pilot in the US you MUST either be a citizen or gain Resident status. There is no Visa.


Yes, you have to be a US citizen or permanent legal resident. There are no exceptions.