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Chris - Biography

Hello, and welcome to the forums. My interest in aviation began when I was a small child and would go to the airport with my mother to pick my father up from trips. I am actually a third generation airline pilot as my father flies for US Airways and both of my grandfathers flew for TWA. Growing up in an airline household I was exposed to the industry and always thought of being a pilot as one of my career possibilities.

While I have always been interested in aviation, I did not begin to pursue it as a career until my junior year of college. At some point during my studies I realized that although I liked business, it was not the field for me. I went out to the local FBO and took an introductory flying lesson and from that point on I was hooked. I finished my private certificate, graduated from Old Dominion University, and then went to ATP Washington to interview for the Career Pilot Program. I was accepted into the program and began the next month. Exactly ninety days later I finished up my last certificate. I was very fortunate in that I was hired by ATP five days after I graduated. During my year of instruction with ATP I taught at Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, and Norfolk, VA.

I was hired by Piedmont Airlines and ExpressJet Airlines almost simultaneously and for various reasons chose to go with ExpressJet. I was with ExpressJet for just under two years and loved every minute of it. In February of 2007 I was hired by Continental Airlines and was assigned the Boeing 737. While I really enjoyed flying the 737 I switched to the 757 & 767 in 2010 to see what they had to offer. On December 1, 2011 Continental Airlines officially become part of United Airlines.

I have since had two more stints on the 737, one more on the 757/767 and am now a Captain on the Airbus 319/320.

I have always enjoyed talking with people who are interested in becoming pilots and feel that this forum is a great way to do that. Please feel free to post any questions that you might have. If you want to know something odds are that plenty of other people are wondering the same thing. Again, welcome to the forum and start posting!