Christmas presents for student heading to ATP next year

Well everyone is asking what should I get you. So what would you recommend, what should I ask for? Maybe something you wish you had but didn’t or something there is no way you would want to go through school without.


If I were you, I’d ask for a quality headset like a Bose A20… but I’ll let the mods chime in.

I was going to suggest a Bose headset, too. Or an iPad, if you don’t
already have one, and as long as it meets ATP’s requirements

If you want to get fancy, you could get a Stratus, but that’s more of a
luxury than a necessity



I would recommend a nice headset, flight bag, kneeboard or ATP compliant iPad. Those are pretty much the essentials.


I guess I’m the only one but a GOOD pair of non-polarized sunglasses! Am I the only guy that considers them essential equipment?


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Ha! No. I agree. However, I preferred flying steam gauges with polarized
ones myself…until I started flying with a glass panel. I immediately
bought a non-polarized pair.


After the headset and iPad, an iPad yoke mount from MyGoFlight would be my top pick. You’d also need to get the matching sport case (sold separately) that doubles as a protective case for your iPad. Especially if you’re using the iPad mini, having your iPad on a yoke mount is a 100 times more user friendly than having it on your lap or on a knee board (which is what most people do) because it eliminates the need to look down. I’m a huge fan of the product and the company.

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No, I am just stuck wearing prescription glasses, so I never think of glasses as being optional.

Great topic! Now I know what to get me for Christmas. I was actually going to ask about the Stratus a couple of weeks ago because it was on sale, but I figured it was going to be too early to worry about the gadgetry before getting my PPL finalized.