Cirrus SR22

Want Private Pilot Instruction in Cirrus SR22 near Orlando, Florida.


I recommend you visit the Cirrus website and they should have a link for affiliated flight schools.

Gotta ask why though? It’s going to be ridiculously expensive


Hi Adam

We are planning to purchase the Cirrus SR22. So e are especially looking to train in a Cirrus SR20 or SR22.


Are you looking to start training in the Cirrus with zero experience, or are you just looking to add aircraft proficiency and familiarization training to your existing flying experience?
I don’t want my response to sound like words of discouragement from getting an SR22 or SR20, and especially from getting into flying. That being said, as a CFI with over 500 hours of dual given in the SR20 alone, I do not consider it a “friendly” aircraft with regards to primary training. It is a good instrument trainer, and a fantastic XC aircraft with good cruise performance and cabin comfort, but has some pretty aggressive handling characteristics at the edge of its flight envelope. I frankly don’t see having any of my students comfortably do something like a power-on stall to a full break as required for your private pilot checkride. It was a handful to fly even when I first got into them as a CFI. That CAPS chute is there for a reason.
In my opinion, getting your private pilot certificate in a Cessna or a Piper Archer would serve you better to get the fundamentals right and would allow you to transition to a high-performance aircraft safely.
If you’re planning on obtaining your Cirrus from an authorized dealer, Cirrus has factory instructors who will provide transition training for you… including one of our own ATP grads the last time I checked.
Hope this helps!


Tracy, follow Adam’s advice and look for cirrus partner schools. I have several dual given hours in the cirrus as well and don’t think its necessary to spend money flying a cessna when you know you want to purchase an sr20. Proficiency in an airplane comes down to on thing - adequate training. Considering experience in a specific plane helps build proficiency, it makes more sense to have that instruction done in the cirrus. Although expensive, it is not uncommon to train students from zero time in the cirrus. Go for it!