Class 1 Medical Restriction


Discovery Flight - Complete
Financing - Complete
Pre-Enrollment Interview - Pending
Class 1 Medical - Taken, Pending

I have been working on the pre-requirements in order to reserve a start date at KOWD (Norwood, MA) with ATP (starting from 0 time). Today was the first time I went for Class 1 Medical and have a few questions.

Color Vision: I failed the Ishihara’s (colored circles with numbers) portion and was told I would have a nighttime restriction until I pass a Signal Light Test. Am I still able to reserve a start date with ATP if I have this restriction for the time being? The little research I’ve done so far seems like the OCVT/MFT path requires aeronautical chart knowledge and vast flight training. My guess is ATP wouldn’t allow me to wait until right before soloing or night flight as it can miss with training timeline. Any insight or experience from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Thanks


I believe a conversation with ATP admin is in order because the prerequisites are pretty clear and state: FAA First Class Medical Certificate with no limitations (except for corrective lenses).

This may mean you starting your flight training elsewhere before ATP will accept you but again you’ll need to speak with ATP directly. I would also talk your AME regarding alternate tests available.


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You will need a first class medical with no restrictions prior to enrolling in ATP. You should be able to do the light gun test at your local airport and this really requires no knowledge at all. They simply shine a light at you and you identify the colors. If you do, great, if you do not, then this was not meant for you. Talk to your AME and the FAA about what your options are, explain that you are a prospective pilot. They should be able to accommodate you without you having to spend money on flight training.