Cockpit Confidence


I’m currently learning at ATP starting from zero-time at KLGB and I had a personal question for my other pilots out there. I am about a week away from my first solo and I can’t help but feel somewhat unconfident at certain times whether it be with radio communications or decision making. Does anyone have any tips on how to feel more confident to ease the nerves? My instructor has noticed this as well and mentions that I have the ability to do everything I need correctly, I just need to get the confidence needed to carry out certain tasks so I do not miss anything. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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My advise is listen to and trust your instructor. You’re still very new at this and you’ve got an idea where you’d like to be but they know where you need to be. In all honestly I never had the warm fuzzies I was ready for any stage or checkride when I was at ATP due to the nature of the pace. Believe it or not that’s a good thing because it will actually prepare you for the airlines where you again won’t feel all warm and fuzzy in training.

You haven’t started Instrument training but the biggest takeaway is you always need to trust your instruments regardless of what your gut is telling you. This is kind of the same thing. Trust what your instructor is telling you but use your lack of confidence to drive you to work harder to try and gain some. Probably won’t help but it’s a good motivator :wink:


That is actually pretty helpful.

Thanks, Adam!