First Solo!

Just a bit of encouragement for anyone starting from zero at ATP or currently thinking about it. I had my first solo yesterday, and it was AWESOME!!! I felt thoroughly prepared by my instructor, and I was confident I could do everything with no problem. ATP does a fine job of making sure you’re ready, and I have a great instructor that does the same! If you’re contemplating whether or not to do this program, and you love flying…DO IT!!! There are other flight schools at our location, and we have been the best prepared from what I’ve seen so far. Not that they aren’t good, but I truly believe we are better!



Thanks for the sterling review and congrats! Glad things are going so well and I love your enthusiasm.

Keep it up!



Congrats!!! I’m about a week away from my solo too. Today was an off day for me as my landings were not smooth at all. Bummer, but just got to relax and control the plane for next time.

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