College now or later

I understand that other people have posted similar questions but I am looking for a second opinion regarding my circumstances. I’m 19 years old and semi-committed to both ATP and a college in my state. becoming a pilot is my number one priority but I’ve been given to understand that major airlines require a college degree. I do have an all expenses paid scholarship to the college but I don’t want to waste any time getting into pilot training. I’ve read accounts of people who completed flight school and then got a degree online and I’m wondering If that’s a better option.

“I understand that other people have posted similar questions but…”


But what? You want (are hoping) to hear something different then what we tell everyone?

My answer is the same you’ve read countless times on this forum. No question, college first, ESPECIALLY if you’ve got a full scholarship. The reasons are many but I suspect you’ve read most of them.


I vote college first, especially with a full scholarship. It isn’t just about the majors. Flight training, like many things, requires a certain level of maturity. ATP has consistently found that students with at least two years of college do better in training and it is one of the many reasons that we recommend college first.



Sounds like a no brainer to me! If you have a scholarship for your education use it! That degree is so important for your future success. It will help you handle the rigors of flight training, increase your chances of getting hired at a major and will provide you a qualification for future employment outside of the aviation industry in case of future furloughs.