Coming from the UK to the US

So long story:
I’ve been trying to really lock down what I want to do with my life and I finally settled down on becoming a pilot. I am a US citizen, although I’m not a resident, and I’ll be coming right out of high school. As with all life plans, I need some solid information before committing to something as grand as this. My main question is if I need a university degree or if I can go right in since seniority is a big deal in the airline industry. A degree costs so much more money, and technically as an international student, the price would then be absolutely astronomical. If I can go straight into ATP, what would a schedule look like and how do admissions work?


You cannot go directly from High School to ATP. They require either a Private Pilot license, a 2yr degree or comparable work experience which you will not have. I recommend you check out the FAQ section. Many if not all your questions will be there.