High school senior

hello i came upon this site and read some posts starting from high school and i saw that in order to be admitted to ATP i need either a degree or a private license. After reading this i plan on getting a private license at a local school and then going, applying to ATP. What are the requirements to get into atp career program becides the ones i read about? As for when after high school and a private license from a local school I want to go to ATP because i hear lots of good things about it and the fast track program got me intrested that and its close to my home in asheville nc. Would this path make sense i would gladly accept any suggestions. I am a US citizen also have a russian passport and speak russian along with english being my better language. I will also graduate high school this upcoming june.

Hello Alexander and Welcome,

The only other requirement is a FAA First Class medical. While you’re only required to have a Third Class for training ATP requires a First Class because that’s what’s required by the airlines.

There’s nothing wrong with the path you lay out EXCEPT you don’t mention college in there anywhere. While you can get hired at a Regional without a degree, the Majority of the Majors require one and the rest prefer it. You’re young and it wouldn’t make sense to limit yourself to a career at the Regionals. Now you could get a degree online after you get hired at a Regional but that does require a great deal of discipline. I believe you really need to figure out where college fits into your plan.


I have another question. Say for example I get my private license then I want to go to atp how would I a loan I have enough money to pay for my private license but I just dont have the 60 thousand how would I go about getting a loan as a fresh high school graduate. Whats the likely chance ofe getting one because flight school isnt cheap.


You’re really best off discussing options with ATPs loan people but I’m fairly certain you will need a co-signer. And you’re right, flight school isn’t cheap.


Im sorry for asking so many questions. But where can I find the loan people. Also say I get a loan and then when do the classes start do they start by groups every month or a couple times a year or do you start whenever you sign up.
Thank you very much for answering my questions

Don’t be sorry, that’s why we’re here.

You can call 1-800-ALL-ATPS (255-2877). They can answer all your specific questions regarding the programs, start dates, finance etc. ATP generally has students start their training at the beginning of each month.