Hi im new to this forum. Good day Captains! I have a CPL and rated with multi engine aircraft. I am interested in converting my license to FAA so i could be able to pursue my building of hours here in US (I am a permanent resident in US). I was wondering what type of approach should i do if i wanted to pursue my training here and also what should i possibly do if i wanted to take the offer that takes me straight going to the b737/a320 training? Thank you and always keep safe! :relaxed:

Where did you get your CPL and multi? The conversion process can be lengthy and complicated depending on your hours, how you got those ratings, etc. The first thing you’d need to do is convert those to the FAA equivalent. Then you would need to see how those ratings, and your hours, stack up to the ATP (airline transport pilot) requirements. You would need to meet those before embarking on and 737/A320 type training.


You will need to speak with the FAA about converting your licenses. Find out what your licenses will convert to, then you can start seeing what additional training you might need.