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Transferring to FAA from UK/EASA

Hi, I currently hold both a UK and EASA PPL and have just finished the 14 ATPL theory exams with both EASA and the UK (courtesy of Brexit I have had to sit the exams twice, once under each authority). Shortly I will start my Multi Engine Rating, Instrument Rating (Multi Engine) and CPL, which will again be both under the UK and EASA, so I will have both UK and EASA licences.

My wife is American and we are considering moving back to the USA in the next year or so (we currently live in the UK) and I was wondering what the best route would be to start out on the journey to joining a US based carrier? I understand the requirements are somewhat different, but I am hoping to be in a position when we move where I hold a UK and EASA CPL ME IR.

I know there is no direct transfer of licences, but I have read that I would need to do a CTP course and then I understand it would be likely that I would need to do an FI rating, build up 1500 hours as an FI before moving into a regional and then eventually into a major.

If anybody has any thoughts on the above or any further/different information, I’d very much welcome it!


Honestly, I have no idea what would be involved in converting your licenses, it would be best to call the FAA directly and ask them.

Yes, you will need 1,500 hours to fly for the airlines in the US. You will also need to be a US citizen or US permanent legal resident.



Thank you both very much! The article is very helpful and I’ll get in touch with the FAA on some of the finer nuances.

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Thank you for joining the forum, Benjamin! Let us know if anything else comes to mind. Happy to help.