Convictions; I know this has been asked to death on here but

I worked for a company that distributed glassware to head shops, dispensaries, etc… while I was working for them I got pulled over for speeding (I know, I am the first one to tell you I have made dumb decisions in my past life. No excuses here.) the officer noticed that I had fully wrapped packages with clean glass pieces accessories etc… in the backseat on the floor. He then wrote me up for an infraction: driver in possesion of marijuana because the law stipulates that paraphenalia is included in this type of infraction. There was no cannabis involved but obviously this is a major offense in the eyes of the any potential hirees in regards to commercial flying. This happened about 1 year ago.

My question is how greatly would this impact my chances of landing a piloting job (does not have to be a major airline, I just love flying and want to pursue this passion), but if it will be impossible to land a job then there would be no point in pursuing anything more than my PPL and I would focus on getting more college degrees as opposed to earning my CPL and ATP.

Before anyone says that I am a pothead and shouldn’t be flying you should understand I have been sober for 2 years, alcohol, marijuana, whatever. Sober. I am only 22 years of age so I also have a lot of time to learn and put time between this conviction and any potential interview with an airline, etc…

If anyone has any information, or resources you have no idea how grateful I am for anything to help me find which avenue I want to pursue with the rest of my life.

Thank you all and anyone for taking the time!

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I’m confused? You say the arrest was just for paraphernalia so why do you go on to say you’re now clean and sober? If this were an airline interview I just would’ve ended it.

Regardless as you say this question has been asked AND answered ad nauseam. You’re going to have to jump through some hurdles first just to get an FAA medical. If what you say is true you’ll eventually get one. After that IF you keep yourself squeaky clean you should be fine if you don’t you won’t. It’s that simple.

I apologize if I sound curt but it simply amazes me the number of individuals that jeopardize their futures making poor decisions. I actually know a pilot who recently got a DUI after leaving a party. He swore up and down he didn’t have a problem, seldom drinks and would do whatever was needed to salvage his career. His AME recommended he submit to random drug testing until his trial to demonstrate his sobriety and willingness to cooperate. Problem is he failed the first random test. Now he’s done. After spending close to $100k in training and years of sacrifice to finally get his dream job he’s done. His pregnant wife is leaving because she can’t fathom how he could risk everything for a beer.

Again if you’re telling the truth and behave you’ll be fine, if you don’t you won’t. If you have a problem get help. But if you believe you’ll somehow sneak in under the radar it will eventually catch up to you.


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A conviction is not an arrest, and an arrest is not necessarily a conviction. I think you are confused between the two. When you get a speeding ticket, and it goes through the court unopposed (or confirmed through trial) this is a conviction on your driving record (at least in the US).
I just added the sober part because people automatically assume that if you work in the cannabis (or related) industry that you are a huge stoner or something… Might be true for some people obviously but it is also a common stereotype that just is not accurate.
Thank you for taking the time to think about and respond to my query. It took me a while to understand what I wanted to do with my life, and overcome the feeling of discontent with my path, which is why I have been making drastic changes in my life in order to realize a good fulfilling dream for myself, whether this is flying or managing, or controlling, or whatever I understand it is all up to me and the choices I make now.
People do dumb things when they have no clear path in life because they think it will not matter at all in the future, or if they do they use it as confirmation that they will never amount to anything. Just my 2 cents on the psychology of making poor life choices having been raised by a psychologist (impulsivity also plays a large enough role).
I will work my hardest to stay on the good path, thanks again for indulging my dumba** haha
I really appreciate your honesty.


No, Adam is not confused. The FAA asks about convictions and arrests: Screen Shot 2020-04-27 at 7.32.10 AM

It sounds like drug paraphernalia is illegal in your state, so this means that you were working in an illegal business, in the drug trade. This will not sit well with an interviewer and they are not going to sit there and listen to a long explanation about how you were not really in the drug trade, there are too many applicants that don’t have that kind of record that they can very easily move onto.

The FAA and the airlines, are not really concerned with if you are a “huge stoner” or a “little stoner”, either is illegal and show intentional disregard for the law.

People do make dumb choices when they do not have a clear path, but the problem is that there are many people who don’t make those dumb choices.

I am sorry, but I do not see much of a path forward for you in the aviation industry. I have been wrong before though, I would encourage you to contact the recruitment departments of several regional airlines and speak to them directly.


He said “the arrest” I never been arrested for anything, so he was confused.
Tabacco is completely legal in every state in the US, which is why they are openly sold with no or very little problems, the only issue is importing tobacco and related products internationally.
I can answer no to both of those questions being completely honest? The infraction had no effect on me keeping my drivers license.


I honestly think we’ve beaten this horse to death (as stated in your original post). Ok so you weren’t arrested you were “written up”. Where I come from when you get a ticket (ie, written up for an infraction, even parking) you’re either plead guilty or not and you’re either found guilty or not. So you weren’t found guilty and not arrested or convicted, now we’re talking about tobacco and we’ll forget about you being “sober”, so I don’t understand why we’re even having this conversation? Apparently you’re squeaky clean so go ahead and answer the questions no. BUT if you were AND if it ever comes up the FAA WILL pull your license and you will get fired. Not because of the charges but because you weren’t forthcoming.

Peace out.