Cosigner credit score

Hi everyone! Sallie Mae got back to us and said a cosigner needed to be added. Does anyone have any real life experience with what credit score is acceptable for a cosigner? I’ve read tons of articles but haven’t found anyone actually sharing what they found the requirements to be or not to be. Thanks!!


Sorry to hear that. However, most people do require a co-signer. It’s a large, unsecured loan and the bank doesn’t like that big of a risk without a little assurance.

Unfortunately we don’t have concrete numbers for you. Everyone’s financial situations are different and evaluated independently. You won’t know what they’re looking for unless you reapply with a co-signer and see what happens. Start with your most ideal situation and if you’re not approved from there, you could dig a little deeper and see what they’d like to see.



Talk with the people in the financing department, they are the experts on these things and will be able to answer your question far better than I will.


Hi Chris! Thanks so much for responding. I just sent them an email. Hoping this all works out. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, right?


As Chris mentioned, you’ll want to reach out to our finance department - they’ll be the best resource to answer this question for you!