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Couple of Questions + Intro Flight!

Hey guys, I had two main questions if you don’t mind.

First is more pointed towards Chris, since he believes that airframe at the regionals matters. Do you think that flying an ERJ 175 is better than flying an ERJ145 or a CRJ-7/9? I read something online that said flying jet aircraft with engines attached to the wings are much better (looking to the airlines) than jet engines in the rear. I know you said that jets are better looking than props, since people should aim to fly similar A/C to the majors, but I wasn’t sure if you agreed with what I read recently. Again, this is more pointed to Chris since I know Adam and Tory believe that A/C doesn’t matter so long as you have turbine PIC.

Second, (this is open to anyone) would you say that after going to college to get my degree straight out of high school, and flying for about two years, would I be able to have seniority to fly wide-body A/C internationally? I know things may change, but I was wondering if guys who flew/fly the 787/777/A330/etc. were guys who got sweet connections or if they just started really early? Maybe those guys have the seniority because they were at the airlines before the 1500 hour rule?

This is kinda random, but I’m going on an intro flight on Saturday, as a late 17th birthday gift, and I’m so excited! :grinning: Going up in a '77 Cessna 152. I can’t wait to get up in the air and see flying from the front, rather than in the back. Does anyone have any ideas on what I should know going on or have particularly memorable experiences from their first time flying?

I really appreciate it!

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The size of the jet really does not matter, nor do the placement of the engines. I have flown jets with both wing and fuselage mounted engines, there are some slight differences, but nothing major. I would in no way let jet size or power plant placement affect my career choices.

As to your second question, you seem to be skipping the regional airlines in your plan. You should plan on spending at least 5-10 years at a regional and then several years flying domestically at a major before you expect to fly wide body, international flights.

Enjoy your intro flight, I think about mine every day when I drive past the small airport that I took it at. Don’t worry about studying or trying to be perfect in the airplane, just enjoy the experience and think about if this is really what you want to do for a living.


Wow. Lightning quick response, thanks!
I didn’t mean to be skipping the regionals, but putting that into account helps give me a clear picture I guess.
I’ll try to enjoy every minute of my intro flight!