Credit Private Experiences

Good day all!

I have a questions for students and/or alumni.

What is the biggest hurdle that credit private students have and what would be your biggest advice to those who already acquired their PPL before starting the ACPP?



First, if it’s been a while since you earned your PPL, make certain you’re current, proficient and knowledgeable. Remember the pilots in the program who started at zero literally got their PPL just prior to rolling into their Instrument training and you’re expected to be just as sharp.

Second, while you’re already a licensed pilot, ATP has it’s curriculum which may be different from what you’re used to. Don’t be the “well at my school we did this…” guy. Be open and trust the process.

You chose ATP for a reason. Don’t forget that.


Mahalo, Adam! I appreciate the response! I’m going in with an openmind! It’s really a curve getting into the ATP mindset. But definitely possible. Thanks again!

Echoing what Adam has said, don’t debate your instructor on the merits of the ATP program. There’s a process in place, it’s there for a reason. Your instructor is there to execute on the process as prescribed and assist you through it. This is probably the biggest thing credit private students can’t get over, primacy is a big factor, it takes a lot to unlearn something that your previous instructor taught you if it is not how ATP wants you to do it.

But think of is this way, every airline you go to will have their own way of doing things (SOP’s) that may be different from your old airline, even if you are flying the exact same routes on the exact same types of airplanes. So it’s mentality you will want to get comfortable with if you are headed toward a professional airline career.

Another thing I would add is if you did your PPL part time while flying once or twice a week, the full time pace at ATP can take some adjustment. The more written tests you can get done before starting the program the better off you’ll be once you start.



I came in with credit private and had some major bad habits that I had to unlearn. Every flight school has their own way of doing things, just like every airline does. You will need to put the old ways out of your mind and focus on doing things the ATP way.



I also came into ATP with my PPL and had to break bad habits, not bashing smaller-scale schools, but there are reasons ATP trains around consistency and professionalism. Coming prepared to each lesson is very important and I found myself the first week behind the curve because my old school I didn’t have the material available that ATP provides students. Attending a program like ATP, it is super important to come to each lesson prepared, understanding what you will be doing that day and reading the lesson plan outline in your extranet.