Admissions Flight with Credit for PPL

Well, I just got a follow-up call from Admissions, checking to see if I was ready to select a start date yet, and I’m glad I did!

They advised me that Admissions Flights (as of the end of May), are now required for ALL students, including those coming in with credit for their PPL, as I will be. The reasoning is they said that they were having trouble with people coming in with credit for their private, who “couldn’t fly a plane.”

Anyone else here of this?

Unfortunately, they changed it right after I toured the KPIE location, or I would have just done it while I was there and gotten it out of the way.


Yes. We were briefed on the recent change. We were told the same reasoning as you and I fully support it. It’s very basic. It’s just supposed to weed out the credit for private applicants that need a BFR before enrollment. I know how challenging it is to teach a credit for private student instrument, multi, or commercial stuff while also refreshing their private pilot skills and knowledge. I once gave a student 40 hours of ground on PPL knowledge during the student’s commercial-multi training. By the end of it I still couldn’t sign them off for their CMEL.

If you’ve been flying recently you shouldn’t have any problems. ATP isn’t looking for perfection.


Oh my! Well that certainly makes sense! Not a problem, I’ve flown a couple times this month so far, so I’m not too worried. I’ve scheduled for the Hartford location on 7/10.

Looking forward to hearing about how it goes!



This change came about because some people had PPLs, but they were years old and the pilots were out of date. The Admissions flight is just a way to make sure that your flying really is up to PPL standards. That being said, it isn’t a check ride, so don’t stress it too much.


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That is a fairly recent change, and is a much needed one in my humble opinion. Unfortunately not all flight schools are created equal, and when you’re coming in credit private into an accelerated program seeking an instrument rating, your private level skills and especially oral knowledge should be solid. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case and a lot of your valuable (and limited time) may be spent getting you on the same level as ATP private students. I would say that in my recent experience as many as 7 out of 10 students coming in from mom and pop flight school environments couldn’t answer simple questions about private pilot privileges and limitations.
If you come in sharp and prepared, you’d be taking your commercial single engine checkride in less than 3 months from program start. That checkride builds EVERYTHING on your private level skills and knowledge. See where I’m going with this?

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Absolutely, makes perfect sense to me!
Thank you all for your quick replies, as always.

I took my admissions flight last month and it was a breeze. The instructor had me taxi, take off and perform some basic maneuvers and then he landed it. Flying with a glass panel was the hardest part for me since I’m used to a six pack.