Hi all,
So I was just reading Sully’s book and since I am a very curious person I have to ask you guys this. He talked about his for day trip and how he had the same crew for the full 4 days, now as you can see I am no US pilot (I would like to be in the future) but I thought that since airlines are so big with so many different bases and pilots you would change crews after every flight instead of trip, was this a US airways thing or does it happen in every airline? (in domestic trips of course)


It can vary some but generally you’ll have the same crew for the entire trip which makes sense. What easier way to make sure the different crewmembers schedules will line up flight after flight then pair them on the same trip.


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At United we have different cabin crew almost every single leg. Flight Attendants are not covered by the same FAA rules that we are, so they can work more hours per day and thus be more productive than we are. Furthermore, our contract requires nicer hotels than their’s does. Even with international we often change Flight Attendants overseas.