Current Average to Regionals

Good evening,

I’ve been thinking a long time about going back to flight training and making the transition from being a flight attendant to being a pilot. I’ve been talking with pilots I fly with, and a lot recommend ATP. In researching programs, they appear to be the quickest to reaching 1500 hours. I know ATP says it’ll be 18-24 months, but I’m wondering what the current average is going from zero time to 1500. I want to get to 1500 as quickly as possible, but need to guesstimate when it comes to obtaining my loan so I can cover my mortgage if needed.


Like many things it depends on you and the amount of work you put into it. Training is 9mos and the average time to build the 1500hrs is approx. 16 mos (1250hrs/75hr mos) putting you at a Regional just over the 2yr mark at 25mos.



Most people complete the whole program, including instructing at ATP, right around 24 months. I would certainly budget a little extra just in case.