Start and finish

Hello, I was wondering how long does it take to become a pilot at ATP. I saw on there website they graduate school in 9 months and work as an instructor right after for 18 months. It says everything is completed in 2 years. Then im with the regionals , i know i dont start working right away, but so you get paid those 2 years of trainning with the regional airline before you start working. So how long will it problably take to become a regional pilot?


You seem to have the idea but I’m not sure if you just confused terminology or what. As you said it’s 9mos to train then approx. 18mos to build time as an instructor. During that time you will get paid for instructing AND if you commit to a Regional you could be eligible for Tuition Reimbursement which will help as far as income. After you reach the required 1500hrs you can and most likely will get hired but a Regional where you will get paid as a Regional pilot.

Hope that clears things up some.