Quick question 2

How long does it really takes to become a pilot and what’s the average amount expected to pay throughout that particular time?

That’s a hard question to answer because there are so many factors. Typically if you do a fast track program like ATP it will take you 9 months to earn all your ratings and an additional 1-2 years to build your time to 1500 hours. Total about 2-3 from zero time to qualified for regionals. As an instructor your pay will vary depending on how much you fly and who you’re employed with. Mom and pops typically pay more per hour but there are less hours to be flown. ATP pay is $17 a flight hour. Typically you range $20k-30k per year. Not much but it’s about the hours. Once you get to a regional, it varies based in the company but $40k-60k as an FO can be expected. As you upgrade to captain, your pay increases… as you progress to the majors, your pay increases. You just need to make it through the first 5 or so years and then the pay is very rewarding!



You really need to be more specific in your question. Once you earn your Private you will be a pilot but I suspect your mean beyond that since you’re talking about pay.

There are some very detailed descriptions of the varies phases and the pay associated in the FAQ section. I recommend you take a look as you’ll find the answers to many common questions.



Both of your questions are answered in depth on ATP’s website and in our FAQ section. I recommend reading through both of those resources as your questions are answered in great detail there.