Current job

I would like to know if I have to quit my current job to go through the process to become a pilot?


Do you have to? No. Should you? Definitely! Successful flight training is reliant on consistency and the reality is it’s near impossible to train for a pilot career part-time. Between instructor and airplane availability, weather and life of simply doesn’t work. You can try but more times than not it ends with frustration and ALOT of wasted money.

If you really want a career as a professional pilot you need to train like a professional. There’s a reason both the airlines and the military train their pilots every day.



If your plan is to enroll in ATP, you will need to not have any outside distractions, such as working, to be successful in their program. There are of course flight schools that will work around your schedule, but this will end up taking SIGNIFICANTLY longer and likely cost much more money in the long run. It is best to train like the airlines and the military do, and that is full time.