Degree needed to start at ATP?

Hellos guys, my name is Astrid and I am currently seeking flight school to start my training
Anyhow long short story I do have a big question, in some topic Q&A found that you need a degree to start from zero here at ATP, some others say you don’t … my real question is, having my high school diploma, should I go for ATP, can I fly after finished my training with you guys or I should go to college and forget for a while about this flying dream? Can you explain that a little bit more. Oh also how is it, that of getting a degree online? is there any online degree for aviation? if so. Is there any that you guys recommend?
Thank you!!!

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No degree needed, just need at least 2 years work experience.

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In my opinion and many others get a degree in something other than aviation, as the airlines only care that you have a degree.


To clarify, to start from zero time at ATP you need either an Associates degree, or two years of equivalent work experience.

ATP’s website has a lot of good information Astrid and you should browse that and this forum because a lot of your questions are frequently asked.

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We strongly recommend you continue your education and at the least get a 2 year degree (but 4 is preferable). While many people go the online degree route many also find it very challenging. By continuing your education you’re also continuing your growth as a person and getting some experience learning in a less structured environment than HS.


I second Adam on this. It is not just a race to the airlines, there are broader life implications as well.