Demand of pilots in the next 5 years

I have been hearing mixed answers on the topic of the need for pilots in the future. I know we’re in a pandemic right now which took a hit on smaller and major airlines worse than 9/11. I have been told from a family member who had been flying for american for over 40 years and he’s told me that the negative impacts I need to realistically look at are the politics and all the pilots laid off that will be rehired after this pandemic. The pro of this is that flying is very much so a part of our culture. The demand for pilots has been high even before covid and on top of that through the partnering airlines with atp flight school I am supposably getting my foot in the door sooner through this career training program. I guess what my question summarized is that, I want to know that if I’m going to pay 80k+ for my tuition am I really going to be making it worth it if I pass all of the classes to head to united airlines. Also what would be my probabilities in getting into united.


First and foremost there are no guarantees. Flying for a Major airline is the pinnacle of our industry and frankly not everyone makes it. That said the industry will recover and the airlines have actually exacerbated the shortage by accelerating retirements. When the need will be fully restored however is anyone’s guess?

Provided you have a degree, a clean record (both aviation and criminal) and can conduct yourself well during an interview, you’ve got as good a chance as anyone getting to UA.


Thank you Adam for getting back to me so quick. You answered my question perfectly, I appreciate your feedback.