Do I have to go to college?

I would like to become an airline pilot and would also like to have a 4-year degree. I have a scholarship to a Liberal Arts College and I am thinking that I can get the college degree I am seeking and air certifications while I attend school. Has anyone else taken this path. Does it seem realistic?


Your question doesn’t really coincide with the title of the post so I’m a little confused? Honestly I think you’d do better to go to school, get your degree and then start your flight training after. While you can (and some people do) train while you’re in school I think you’ll find the lack of consistency (it’s hard to fly regularly and maintain a normal school schedule) can be very inefficient and will cost you much more money and time in the long run. You could focus on school, do well and get your degree, THEN go to ATP, flight instruct to build time and be at a Regional and it really won’t take you any longer than if you trained during school. Ultimately it’s your decision.


Thank you.

I completely agree with Adam on this. College first, then flying.

To answer the question in your thread title, you will not need a degree for the regional airlines, but you absolutely will for the majors.