Having a Degree

So I am interested in becoming an ATP, but am hesitant for one thing. I hear people say that you need some bachelors college degree as well. I do have an associates but not bachelors. Would this be a problem or if I go through ATP, is that enough?


This subject come up pretty often and this is the answer. None of the airlines require a degree, none of them. However, all of the Majors do prefer one and having one will make you more competitive when it comes to moving up the ladder.

In short you’ll have no problems getting hired at a Regional but those with a degree will most likely get to a Major faster.



I recommend checking the FAQ section of the forum because there is a thread posting by Chris:

I don’t see a problem getting into a Regional Airline with an Associate’s Degree, but from what I’ve been reading and seen over the years I’ve been on the forum, a Bachelor’s Degree will give you more ‘brownie points’ for an interview and opportunity.


So with the 1500 hours to apply to the airlines, does it take the same to work for a smaller company like NetJet or JetIt?

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Companies like NetJets and Jet It typically have their own requirements, but because of insurance and their operation needs, they may talk below minimums… you would have to check with their recruiting/human resource department. I remember talking to Jet It when I had 500 hours with an internal recommendation, and they were screening and talking to me, they gave me a minimum hour requirement.

Below is a screenshot from Airline Pilot Central on NetJets. As a pilot and going into a career where being able to locate information is important, there is a ton of resources out there (like this forum) with information. Company websites also post job openings and requirements.



Typically any large charter operator like NetJets, Flex Jet, FlyExclusive, Wheels Up like to hire pilots that already meet ATP mins so that they can be typed with an ATP certificate. They have strict safety ratings that require the highest level of training like any regional airline.

Sometimes you’ll find lower time part 135 jobs which can offer SIC type ratings in jets or PIC for turbo prop (like Planesense).