Do you really need a 4 year degree to work for a major airline?


There is no need at all to get an Associate’s degree. A four year college will not require it and the airlines will not give any credence to it. I would skip over that step and go straight for the four year degree.

Any major will be fine, there is no need to get an aviation degree. I recommend picking a field (other than aviation) that interests you as it is always nice to have a backup plan.


I am currently 19 years old working on my business administration bachelor’s degree. I am working at teterboro airport and after I graduate college I am planning to attend ATP flight school. Can anyone give me suggestions on my best route to become an airline pilot and than a captain. Any suggestions would be very helpful.


Best thing you can do right now is study hard and do well in school. As for becoming an airline pilot in virtually ALL airline pilot training the information is provided but you as the newhire are responsible for accessing the information. In the spirit of that I recommend you spend some time read through this forum starting with the FAQ section ( There’s a wealth of information. After that feel free to come back with some more specific questions.



Thank you for the info and one more quick question. When requirements say 4 year degree does that mean 4 year degree in an aviation major or can it be any 4 year bachelor major.