Does ATP just do PPL’s?

Kid is in medical school and was asking if he can get his PPL during his summer break. Is that possible with ATP? I know the programs are full time but do they just do PPL’s? Asking for a young my young adult.


No. ATP only offers the complete Airline Career Program with ALL the required licenses and ratings.


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Do a quick google search of local flight schools in your area. Any small regional airport or airpark will have a CFI that would love to help them get their PPL for fun over break.



If all you are seeking is a Private Pilot License, I recommend checking out your nearest airport/flight school. ATP is a flight school designed around those interested in obtaining all the certificates and requirements to be eligible to fly in the airlines. Obviously those that graduate have to build the remaining hours to the ATP license, but ATP is the “one-stop shop” to get the ball rolling.


Hey Bob, ATP Admissions here!

Unfortunately ATP does not offer the Private Pilots License alone, as mentioned, we are a career program with an non-customizable bundle.

If you are looking for a Private Pilots License or even just a Discovery/Intro flight I greatly recommend the AOPA website. Please visit:

The link above will assist in refining your search for a part-time or slower pace program. Go with a school that works with your budget and your schedule. If you have further questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at your convenience so that we may better assist you. ATP Admissions is available M-F 8am-7pm EST and our phone number is 904-595-7950.

Thanks everyone. I know it depends but what’s a good estimate cost out the door. My PPL lic cost 3400 a few years back. I see the envy in your eyes😂


The price is $83,995. That’s not an estimate. That’s the price all in (except checkride fees and required equipment (ipad, headset, etc).