Atp ppl

My daughter is a junior at UNC-Chapel Hill and is hoping to graduate this summer. She has recently started taking lessons at a local flight school to obtain her PPL and is considering enrolling in ATP-Raleigh, NC in the fall. My question is whether or not it would be possible for her to actually go ahead and get her PPL with ATP now and then wait to enroll in the commercial program in the fall. Just seems like it makes more sense for her to do all of her training at ATP but she wants to go ahead knock out the PPL now. Can you advise if ATP has a PPL stand-alone program?


ATP does not. ATP offers 2 programs. One from zero and one with credit for your PPL.

Flight training depends heavily on consistency and during breaks between students lose their skills.

I would encourage her to wait as there’s really no benefit to getting her PPL early. Further keep in mind to get credit for her PPL she’ll need at least 78hrs of flight time.


Thank you!


Like Adam said, there are two programs at ATP, Zero Time and Credit Private. Since your daughter is super close to finishing out college with a bachelor’s degree, I would hold off on flight training and focus on completing the degree. I’m not sure if there is enough time for your daughter to complete her training and acquire 78 hours of flight time and 8 hours of PIC XC by the fall?

I came into ATP Credit Private, and I can say, I had bad habits that I probably would not have developed if attended ATP, i.e., checklist usage, preflight preparation, etc. ATP is very standardized in a way that no matter where you train or who your instructor is, you will receive the same material and training throughout the nation. I started doing my flight training at a small-scale school near my home and it took me 13 months to what I thought would take me only a few months. There are lots of factors take place in making the decision of where and when to start flight training.