Dotting your "i"s

First and foremost please know this little rant isn’t directed at anyone in particular. It’s a overall observation and an FYI to EVERYONE out there. Let me also say I appreciate that this is simply a forum and we generally keep things light (as they should be) BUT…

Call me old and I obviously didn’t grow up with the internet, texting, Insta-Face-Snap-whatever, so while I enjoy an occasional BTW or FYI, I generally as a rule check my spelling and grammar (I’m sure if you proof my posts there’s plenty of typos but it’s not for lack of trying). So what’s my point? Presumably everyone on here has aspirations to be an airline pilot and while in many ways this industry is cutting edge tech wise, it’s also very traditional in many ways. I’d like to share a few little stories with you.

When I was first invited to interview for ExpressJet many years ago I received an email. The email listed what we needed to bring document wise (pilot’s license, application, resume, medical, passport etc). It also said the documents were to be stapled in the listed order. When we arrived they collected everyone’s documents and we watch a 20 min video about the airline. After the video they called a list of names who were invited out into the hall (about 10-15 qualified pilots). After they left the room we were told those pilots were all sent home because they hadn’t followed the directions (some used paper clips, most were simply out of order). Bummer.

When I interviewed at Hawaiian the first thing we were given was an mock Incident Report. It said in the directions the little boxes were to be “colored in completely”. Some guys did, many simply checked the boxes. While they didn’t immediately get booted out they lost 10 VERY valuable points in a VERY competitive scoring process (10 slots for 2000 applicants).

Finally, recently one of the best pilots I know on this Earth applied to the Major of his choice and was invited to interview. He has over 10,000hrs, was Head of Training at his Regional, and literally had 20 letters of recommendation by some heavy hitters. He made an error on his application so it didn’t jive exactly with his log book. They canceled his interview.

Hopefully you’ve all gotten my point. While this may sound extreme, unfair and like complete BS to many of you the airline’s take is simple, they’re entrusting you with an airplane that may cost hundreds of millions of dollars and countless lives will be sitting behind you and if you can’t follow instructions or compose a complete sentence, dey ain’t gonna. Again this is only a friendly forum but it’s never too early to start cleaning up your act. Like everything in aviation, good behaviors and practices become good habits so when it’s time to demonstrate it’s easy because it’s what you do all the time. Word! :sunglasses:

End of rant.