Electronic logbook and hiring

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I read the previous threads on electronic logbooks, but something that wasn’t addressed was if hiring departments or recruiters like applicants having an electronic logbook (since physical logbooks can be hard to sift through). Will it make you look more organized or a better prepared applicant?

Also, I already use ForeFlight logbook’s feature to log flight time in addition my physical logbook. I keep sim time out of ForeFlight since it messes with my flight time totals. That being said, I see that Log Ten Pro is offering free 12 months for ATP students. Any thoughts or current users who would recommend it or do you think just sticking to what I have now would be fine? I think Log Ten Pro is very expensive, but if people highly recommend it I would be willing to make the change.

Any insight is appreciated!


Most pilots are using e-logs these days but some airlines still want to see paper and will accept printouts. What will make you look more organized and better prepared is providing the airline with wherever format they specify for your interview.

I’ve used LogBook Pro for 15yrs and they get my vote but I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s something newer the cool kids recommend.


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I have not used Safelog, but I’ve heard good things. I plan on signing up soon.

Here are the prices advertised online:


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This sounds like something I would be interested in. As a Private student, my instructor directed me to purchase a Master Log Book, but again, i’m looking at moving everything over to the iPad. So, if this is something I’m able to do, I surely will do some research into finding out which ones the employers are recommending. There are also some rankings out there that rate layout, user experience, and how easy it is for the average user among other things like eCommerce accessibility. As far as ATP goes, I’m not sure what they require when it comes to log books or if they are making a transition to elogbooks.


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I am old fashioned, paper all the way for me.


You said the same thing about transitioning from the 73 to the Airbus. Now we have you on video admitting to being an Airbus fan :wink:

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Thank you all for the insight! It helps a ton.

Chelsea, I recently downloaded an Excel spreadsheet online that I am going to use as a logbook. I don’t know if you’ve made a decision yet, but I’d be more than willing to create a thread on here for all things saving money during flight training and I’d be glad to share one there!

I use log 10 pro for free through ATP and I really like it.

Once you move on past being an ATP student, you will need to subscribe to Log 10 Pro. The ATP Alumni Association has discounts on subscriptions: https://atpalumni.org/discounts/logten-pro

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