LogTen Pro?

Hi, is there a preference for using LogTen Pro or a physical log book when just starting out? Do airlines prefer one or the other when verifying flight hours?


As a student going for my IFR rating, I read a post from a couple months ago that he just started using LogTen Pro, so I’m sure he can chime in with more or go check out that thread yourself. As stated by him, many of his peers use the program and are happy with it, which is why he chose to switch and he seemed to be really happy with it, as am I.

While I had about 60 or so hours at the time, I decided to give it a go. I was low enough that I was able to input all my hours into LogTen Pro without too much trouble but it did still take a couple of hours to do so. All I can say is, I’m glad I did. While I don’t think the airlines themselves care too much, it makes it look way more professional as everything is nice and typed up when you’re ready to present to the airlines as opposed to chicken scratch with many whiteout or scratch outs to correct inevitable errors you or your instructor will make on paper. Secondly, there are several formats in which to choose when you are ready to print off your hours.

I personally have both the physical book and LogTen Pro and it gives me some comfort knowing I have a backup to my hard work in the event something were to happen to my physical logbook, basically like insurance. It’s also more handy to have then carrying my logbook everywhere. Finally, I’m sure you saw that it is free to use up to 250 hours worth of entries, so you can start it and if you don’t like it, you don’t have to continue with the program.


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Excellent points made by Sam.

Ravi, the sooner the better. If you decide you don’t like it, it won’t take long to transfer your flight time to a paper logbook.


I think you should do both. As a student pilot and for each checkride you go to you have to carry your logbook with you with your endorsements in it. You are able to input in a digital version but some DPEs won’t like you showing up with only an electronic logbook (there are many old fashioned examiners out there). You’ll realize that so much goes in to a successful ride and sometimes it’s just playing the game.
So what I recommend is, use your electronic logbook as your primary means of inputting your time. That way, if you mess up it’s no big deal to correct. Then when you have time at home and you know it’s logged correctly, you can input in to your paper logbook with an erasable pen. That way you end up having both electronic and paper so you have a backup form as well as a clean paper logbook for events like checkrides and interviews. The electronic is also helpful for totaling up your time for IACRA and interviews.



There’s only 2 ways this goes. Those who start out using electronic and those who don’t, regret it, then spend a ton of time transferring the info.

As Hannah said in the beginning you’ll want both for your endorsements for the odd DPE who wants to see that but the e-book is far more convenient. Particularly when applying to airlines as some will ask how many “night solo hours in a 172 you have” or other random info.



I would use Log Ten Pro. It makes keeping up with your hours much easier and it also makes filling out airline applications a lot easier as it is better for breaking down your flight time into various categories.