Happy Sunday everyone!!

Firstly, I will thank each and everyone contributing in this group. I am learning a lot and I keep on learning. This is my first time actually writing here since I joined two years ago. I am currently few hours to earning my instrument rating after a long break from my private due to financial constraint and health issues.

I am a little bit worried due to the fact that I am not a Citizen nor a Permanent Resident but I have the right to work and live in the USA. To summarize everything I am an Asylum applicant. Many are not versed with immigration issues here , sorry about that but it will take an extremely long time until I get a Permanent Residency card to the states. I was told it will be extremely difficult even after the magical hours to enter the airline. Does this means that my chances are very limited since they require only green card holder or citizens ?, do airlines hire people with working permits ?

My goal is to get my commercial then instructors rating and see how I could help other students while gaining valuable hours. I am little bit slow with the training since I am self financing. full time job and mostly flying 6pm to 8 pms every two weeks. I am nervous as time goes by of my limited chances on getting a flying job after my training and even getting to the airlines.

its a little bit long , sorry about that and happy holidays to everyone


Before you even think about the airlines, without your Green Card you’ll have to go through a VERY thorough background check before you can even do advanced flight training (you can thank the 9/11 terrorists for that).

As far as the airlines go it’s not a matter of “difficult”. The airlines cannot hire you if you’re not a citizen or permanent resident. Now since there’s been a pilot shortage some airlines have asked for exemptions to hire foreign pilots but I believe(?) that’s only for a)pilots currently working as airline pilots and b) pilots who reside outside the US. As someone here on “asylum” status I’m not sure how that would work but it’s worth investigating.

But again, before anything Id look into the hoops required just to do training.


Thank you Adam for this information , i will look at other alternatives to be a permanent resident with time, I did not even think of background check but thank you for that , to the best of my knowledge i believe I am clean. I will try my best to be regular with time.



Under the current system, you cannot be a US airline pilot unless you are a US citizen or permanent legal resident. That might change someday, but it isn’t anytime soon. You also will not be able to train with ATP until you meet either of those criteria.


Thank you Chris for the advice , I will battle to get one as soon as possible, happy holidays