Legal Immigrants

I just had my tour at ATP today and now I’m waiting for my loan to get approved to start my training. I’m 42 and thanks to your comments here I understand that It’s possible to have the job of my dreams.
But I have one question: I’m Brazilian and lawful permanent resident, it means that I have a Green Card and I’m allowed to work for any employer here in the US.
Do you guys believe that it would be harder for me to get a job because of being an immigrant? Do airlines care about that today?
Thank you very much


Not at all. You’re either legal or you’re not. You are and that’s that. I know many many pilots with Resident Status. Not even a question.



As long as you are a permanent legal US resident, you will be fine. I would not worry about it one bit.


Thank you very much Adam

Thank you very much Chris

Hi Wendell, I’m in your spot! 42 years from Canada with green card and about to sign up and get my training etc…I’m still worried about the job etcc, did lots of research but i think its doable to get hired at 45 wth 1500 hrs and work for regionals…i’m in CA where are you?

Hi Georges,

I started my training in February and since then, recruiters from two Regional Airliners have visited our training center here in Houston (DWH) and they told me that nationality and age is not an issue.

Go for it!!

All the best


Hi Wendell,

That’s great to hear! Make’s it really easy to know that you’ll get hired after all. Did they discus about pay/benefits? Any idea what would it be like when you first join?


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