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Hello all, I’m looking for any input for anyone who has gone though or is currently working for one of these companies. I’m debating on doing the cadet program and reimbursement with envoy (already accepted as a cadet) or the pathway program with Skywest. There are good and bad things with both. A big one is having a guaranteed job with envoy once completed my 1500 hours-an I correct about this? And with Skywest being able to have more bases to pick from but not having the secure job-does anyone know how simple/easy just the HR interview is with Skywest? And any other input is greatly appreciated!
Thanks all!

Hey I’m curious, what all entails the cadet program with Envoy? And at which part of your training did you get accepted for it? Like before your PPL or after etc?

Hi josh. So I didn’t end up applying until I was instructing and around 400 hours. But from my understanding is that you can apply at the PPL level but only accomplish your HR interview and won’t go to Dallas for the technical portion until you’re a CFI. As far as what it entails, I applied and heard back within a week and they flew me out two weeks later for my interview. They put you up in a hotel (single occupancy) and shuttle over the next morning. Starts off with about 30 of reviewing your paper work making sure it’s all correct then you give you log book, certs, etc. to someone then you get about a hour presentation about envoy and the program(about the same as what you get at your local TC) then go to the interview for a tag team HR and technical portion all at once. Technical portion felt like a checkride with the quality of questions they were asking. HR was straight forward. Then they tell you yes or no then finger prints and drug screen and 4-6 weeks wait for background check and then they contact you to finish up.


Comparing the two is hard as Skywest is massive and covers the whole country flying for all the Majors, while Envoy is owned by American and mostly flies the East US with Canada, México and west coast sprinkled in.

I have a few friends at Skywest but don”t know the specifics of the interviews there. Envoys cadet program is as you said, you are an employee of Envoy and once you get your hours, you get a class date,

Hmm interesting. I ask because I’m considering it and Cooke you I’m torn between envoy and Skywest for similar reasons

Keep in mind the flow through with Envoy to AA. While I am not a fan of relying on flow-throughs, it is certainly a nice ace to have in your back pocket.


That’s partially why I’m looking towards Envoy too, but I’m not going to just rely on it if I go to Envoy.

The flow is enticing, but it will probably take 6-9 years (unless you fly non stop) to flow anywhere. My personal situation is tricky since I’m in Seattle and Skywest has a base here but does not have that job guarantee once at 1500


I’m all about bases. I’ve never commuted but everyone I know who has or does has horror stories. While Skywest might not guarantee you a job, build you time, don’t get violated or do anything else silly and you’ll get hired. Further situations change frequently in this industry and the Regional on the top could be the one on the bottom tomorrow. If that were to happen I’m sure there’s fine print saying you’re not getting a class date.

Bottomline for me is unless you need that Tuition Reimbursement I’d keep my options open and wouldn’t commit to any carrier until I was much closer to being there.



If your goal is to stay on the west coast, I’m told that the west coast SkyWest bases are very senior. So, if you want to upgrade you’ll have to settle for anything but west coast…again. Just what I’ve heard. A buddy of mine that was an FO for SkyWest, lives in Spokane, and just got hired at Horizon and is now flying the Q400 out of MFR.

About 3 other FO’s for SkyWest have reached out to ask what the upgrade times were like at Horizon because they’ve all realized that to upgrade at SkyWest they’ll have to take a base and/or aircraft they don’t want. That said, that’s how this works. They should have known that before they agreed to fly for them.


As a cadet for Envoy, with close to 1400 hours here is wht I found to be an advantage as a cadet.
First I’ll start by saying i don’t take the tuition reimbursement but my financial situation is different as my wife works and supports me, my income os solely for tuition loans.
As s cadet the benefits outweighed bases and others. At 500 hours you start receiving almost full benefits: health insurance for you and your family, 401k, flight privileges four you and family and friends, deals and discounts for AA employee, you have access to mentoring through your cadet manager, and best of all, you are a w-4 employee. The last part makes a huge difference in your paycheck but i being an independent contractor has its advantages and disadvantages.
Upgrade times are at about 1.5 years to Captain and with the new union contract, flow to AA was reduced to 5.5 years. (Now that’s what i heard so don’t quote me on it)
Four bases and the job interview is straight forward as Bruce said. Just one last thing, your benefits start once you have a minimum of 500 hours.
Hope this helps



Thank you for adding this valuable information.


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How did you apply for the cadet program?

Envoy Cadet Program

SkyWest Pilot Pathway Program


I have the app then almost filled out but at the end it says program, first officer so it has me confused.

EDIT: Called them and its the same app. Just says FO but they identify the applicant as a cadet


Glad you’re doing well and I appreciate your take. My only comment is it’s easy to say “the benefits outweigh bases” when you’re yet to commute to work as an airline.

Let us know after you have if you still feel the same.


Hi Adam,

Yes you are right and I highly respect your opinion. Just to clarify i am not stating that benefits outweighs the base options for everyone, I just stated that at the time that I made the decision As a Cadet, the bases option seemed not a decision deal breaker at the time. That was almost a year ago.
Im sure I will have interesting commuter stories to tell, and I will come back and tell you all how I like it.


What’s your experience been like as a cadet with envoy?

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