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I’m in the process of getting my start date and I anticipate it to be late June/early July. I certainly plan on trying to get as many exams done before then. I have 2 questions.

  1. How many exams would I be able to get done with a 6-8 week timeframe? (Assuming I get my start date this week and get access to the study material)

  2. When I study for the exams is it more memorization to pass the exams and then understand it later? The reason I ask this is because the instructor on my introductory flight mention that as a strategy to get through the exams quickly.


  1. How long does it a person to run a mile? The record is 3:43. IF (and that’s a HUGE IF) I finish it would probably take me about 15-20min. We’re all different and we all learn and retain information differently. Years ago when I was instructing ATP had a one day ATP Written exam prep (back before they changed the regs). We’d have people come in and study for 12hrs and others for 2. Long short it’ll take you however long it takes you to comfortably and consistently get scores in the 90s. If that means you bang out all 6, great. If it means you only finish 1 or 2, that’s fine too. Remember completing the writtens is a recommendation, not a requirement and many people do just fine without completing any. It simply lightens the load.

  2. That is exactly correct. The information is very generic and until you actually start flying much of it won’t make sense without some context. This is simply rote memorization to check a box. That is all.



  1. Most people average about two weeks of studying per exam, but of course your results will vary with your other time commitments. Remember that you really want to get a 90% or better on these exams, so do not rush it too much.

  2. It sounds a bit nuts, but yes, the exams are really more about rote memorization than anything else. There will be time to more thoroughly learn the information later. For now, just focus on getting east the exams.



Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get all the exams done. The program is built to take the exams as you go. Getting just one done ahead of time will help you get ahead. Get two done? Even better. Like Chris said, the scores matter so only take them when you’re ready. 90 or above on consecutive practice tests should be good.

We know it all sounds counterproductive to just study answers, not content. However, the tests are a box to check. It will take you much longer to learn all the information and that’s meant to be done in conjunction with flying and steady instruction. That you will receive during the program.



Check out these write ups of one student’s experience with the writtens:



Thank you everybody! This has been really helpful information. I’ll try not to rush the exams and simply go at my pace to get a high score.

I’m really excited to start! Seeing how there is such a pilot shortage makes me eager and anxious to get done as quickly as I can. Reading about all of your paths and seeing where you are now is pretty cool. I plan on training at the Trenton location (I live in the Philly area). I’m only 25 so I’m excited to begin this path!

What do you mean by not needing to complete it? Is the written exam not mandatory to be completed at all and its just something that you have the option of doing?


I meant completing them BEFORE you start the program is not required but yes they are absolutely mandatory.

Sorry if I got you all excited :wink:


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I forgive u :pensive::unamused: