""Experience about ATP flight school""

Hello folks,
My name is Kritee Youngfuengmont. I am graduated from ATP flight school in Georgia on 2013. Since then I am designed to go back to my hometown in Bangkok, Thailand and worked for the owner of the private plane to fly cessna 421C for about 2 year before get the jobs and work as the first officer of Boeing 737NG for Thai Lion air.

My experience there is very good and fun with the instructors and enjoy fly with the Cessna 172 and the Piper seminole. The things that I really like is on the crew cross country with buddy to fly across of the regions. That was really fun though.

But the main thing that I choose this flight school because they run a lot of multi engine time and will get anything at the short period of time. Sine start to finished, It’s take about 6 months for me.

Thanks for ATP to get my to become true and get the passion to reaches my dream job.

Kritee Young


Thank you for posting your success story! I enjoyed reading it.

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Very cool story Kritee.

Thanks for sharing.


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