Experience accepted?

I have 55 hours of flight time plus two semesters at a university, Will all of my credits and hours be accepted? Looking to finish my PPL and go all the way to ATP


Welcome to the forum, let’s get to your question. There are only two programs at ATP: Zero Time and Credit Private. In order to enter ATP as Credit Private, you must have at least 78 hours of total time and 8 of that needs to be PIC XC. If you don’t have that, you may acquire additional hours on top of your program and fly them with an instructor at ATP for additional cost. This has been recommended multiple times if finances aren’t a factor due to getting familiar with the aircraft you would be flying and standardization of ATP prior to program start.

Admission Prerequisites for Airline Career Pilot Students/ ATP Flight School

I recommend spending some time reviewing the FAQ as there may be answers to upcoming questions that you may have.



As Brady mentioned, coming in credit private you must meet the eligibility requirements.

ATP is only a flight school where you come out with pilot certificates. It is not a university that you’ll graduate with a degree as well as your certificates.

If you’d like to pursue an aviation degree after ATP, you can get credit for your ATP certificates towards that degree as well as your two prior semesters.

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