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Hello my name is Christian and I am a 19 year old college student currently wanting to fly planes but have not earned my medical from the FAA as I was recently denied and the reasoning behind it was because of “the severity and frequency” of my migraines. I originally sent them a current status report from my doctor and sent it into them. My current status report notified the FAA that I experience 3 migraines a month, when it was actually overstated. I currently only get at least 1 headache once per 3 months. So my question is, what is the next best step to take to earn my medical? If any more information is needed please comment below.


The FAA and your AME have the final word on whether you get your medical or not. I’d query your Dr as to why he reported the 3 incidents a month? Again this all has to be approved by your AME but they’re going to want an updated status report and an explanation from your Dr as to why he wrote what he wrote.



You need to work with your medical examiner, or a different one, to get this resolved. We are not able to offer any medical advice on this forum.


Kind of random,

but I recently just got my first class medical in the SEA-TAC area but am now finding out that there are second class and third class medicals… maybe I should have done more research before I had the examination. I passed, but will my first class medical be fine for training or will I need to instead get a third or second class medical?


It’s a good thing you obtained your First Class medical. I don’t know if you’re planning on attending ATP but it’s a requirement for the program. Even if you aren’t, if you plan to be an airline pilot some day you want to know you can get a First Class before you spend a lot of time and money only to find out you have a problem. The good news is (if you’re under 40) your First Class will be valid as a Third Class for up to 5yrs. You will however need at least a Second Class to Instruct.


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