Facial Hair 2017

So I’m rocking a very nice groomed beard and will have NO problems what so ever shaving it off if it comes down to it. So my question obviously is do some or none regional airlines and majors allow groomed beards to some length not (Duck Dynasty) length of course but say 2" max but very neat. I’ve heard several answers on this one particularly no for the reason of the oxygen mask not getting a proper seal. Thanks mentors in advance.



I haven’t heard of a regional that allows any facial hair other than a mustache. I know from one of Adam’s previous posts that jetBlue allows a trimmed goatee, and Hawaiian allows a full beard as long as it is trimmed.


@Yarden that’s what I suspected, it’s no big deal if I let a beard stand in my way of my dream job i’d be crazy.


Yes I had to shave clean when I got hired at ExpressJet (and I don’t believe any Regional allows them), BUT, if you look at my profile pic you can clearly see I’m sporting a goatee and many of my fellow pilots here at Hawaiian have that full blown silly hipster beard with side part on top. Really quite annoying actually.


Hawaiian allows beards?!!?? What other reason is there to choose an airline?!!? I hope my beard is good enough.

Yes they do and it’s def in my Top 5 Reasons I LOVE this place :slight_smile:


It seems like a pretty rad airline. I have 3 possible locations I want to end up, Texas, Arizona, or Hawaii, so that would work well for me. I shaved for 6 years in the army, it took me two years to break the habit. Now I don’t wanna go back!