Facial hair

I am enrolled to start with ATP in June. My question relates to the industry as a whole. What are the requirements regarding facial hair? I have had a beard for almost 20 years, no it’s not a ZZ Top style, but I understand that clean shaven is a requirement. I have no idea what my chin looks like and I kind of don’t want to shave it off, but will if I must.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi Rick,

Well, if you’re serious about becoming an airline pilot you’re going to find out what your chin looks like. There are currently only 2 airlines in US that allow beards, JetBlue (goatees only) and Hawaiian. But since you’ll need to start at a Regional the beard has got to go. I was actually in the same boat. Flying was my second career and I too had my scruff for 20yrs plus and was VERY sad to see it go (my wife wasn’t). Like most things you get over it. Now I wouldn’t say I decided on Hawaiian so I could grow it back but that definitely was a check in the plus column and now it’s back and I finally recognize myself in the mirror again :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam. I was dreading this was the answer. So be it. I guess I will be throwing a shave party/wake to make the most of the change. Business first.

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Outside of the airlines that Adam mentioned you will need to be clean shaven. The only exception to this is a well trimmed mustache.



I know how you feel, I used to be in the same situation. Like Adam said though you will get used to it pretty quick.


Thanks all.