Filming while flying

Does ATP allow students to take videos while flying? Can’t they film through go pros that can be mounted anywhere in the cockpit while doing there job and not get distracted?

I believe we aren’t allowed to.

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No, video cameras are prohibited in ATP aircraft.

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And when the plane is taxiing out and the mount falls and the pilot goes heads down and crashes into another plane then what? (Yes it’s happened).

I know EVERYONE needs to chronicle every moment of their lives but there are greater priorities.


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Yeah Im thinking the same thing Adam is. I heard people day that it helps to watch your flights afterwards but I kinda take that as a way to justify it. As a student who was learning to fly, trying to learn maneuvers, maintain altitude & airspeed, learn landings without sending the plane to maintenance :joy:, and talk to ATC. The last thing I need to worry about is if my go pros are at the right angle or not. A 172 cockpit poster on the wall and chair flying is good enough for me. Just my 2 cents