GoPros for Training?

I just wanted to know if it would be ok to mount a GoPro camera inside the cockpit so I could later review the video and see what areas need improvement while I fly?


First off I would definitely ask ATP admin what they think but a few things immediately come to mind. First, define “mount”, it would have to be a clip or something easily removed without leaving ANY residue or evidence it had ever been there. Aircraft parts cost a fortune. Next it couldn’t be anywhere on the glareshield or anywhere it could a) obstruct your vision and b) possibly dislodge and fall on the yolk, by the rudder pedals etc. You’d also have to get the consent of the instructor that he doesn’t mind getting videoed (there are reasons I can think he/she might not want to be. Finally (and most important) while you’re in the airplane your focus MUST be on the lesson. If you could get it set up and going and forget about it, fine but if you suffer any tech difficulities (not sure the angles good, is this thing on? etc) as your instructor I probably make you remove it (or throw it out the window?). Trust me, with or without video confirmation, you’ll know what you need to work on.


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Good point! I’m thinking its probably better to avoid unnecessary hassles in the air. I’ll have sufficient things to be aware of during that time. As always, Thank you for your input! I’m off to continue studying!


I would argue that the FARs prohibit the use of portable electronic devices in the cockpit. The new rules that allow use on airlines only apply to the airlines and more specifically to the cabin of the airliner. I would stay away from this and just focus on your flying. I doubt that you would really get much value out of the video recording anyways.


ATP expressly prohibits any photo or video recording. Excerpt from Student Handbook:

Photo, Audio & Visual Recordings
Students and instructors are prohibited from making photo, audio, or video recordings during any flight, FTD or ground training event. Recordings cause a distraction that poses a safety issue and may result in student termination.

While this may seem over the top, there are many reasons behind it.

Well that answers that.

Thank you Boss :slight_smile:

Thank You @justin! Good to know ahead of time!