Finance/Program Cost Questions

Can some one please advise me on how the cost of the program actually work? I see many discussing loan terms and payments.

My question is regardless of whether I get a loan or pay cash for the program, is it all paid up front? I assume some are not able to complete the program for various reasons, ie. illness, failure, family death etc. In this case would I be out the entire amount? Is it all paid in advance?

I know this might be a question for the finance dept but I cam certain someone must have asked this before on here and I cannot find it.


Josh -

The schedule for cash payment is on our website:

This is the same payment schedule we receive loan funds from the lenders we work with, SallieMae and WellsFargo.

If you have any funds on account and must discontinue the program you will be charged for the flying completed and any balance on the account will be sent back to the lender or yourself if cash pay.

Students would need to schedule 6 - 8 weeks in advance.

Hi Danielle, sorry for all the questions. I do have another.

I am in the process of getting my PPL do I have to have that completed before I can apply? Or can I apply while still training?



Past experience says it’s best to have your Private License (and the 80 hours) in hand prior to scheduling your start date.


If you were to start now, with the experience that you have, you would have
to start from the beginning of your PPL training at ATP. Or you can wait
until you finish your PPL elsewhere and then build a min of 80 TT before
enrolling at ATP.

How far along are you in your PPL training?


Thanks Tory,

It was my understanding I could not start without my PPL at ATP because I do not have an associates degree. I will be graduating from high school in May. Could I do the entire program at ATP with no associates degree and as a high school graduate in May?


You’re correct. To train with ATP you need either your PPL, a 2yr Degree (or at least 60 credits) or equivalent work experience (subject to ATPs approval). You cannot start with zero experience right out of HS.


Okay well you didn’t mention your education level. That changes things. If
you have 2 years of college or equivalent work exp then you could have
started over from the beginning, but since you don’t you will have to wait
until you have your PPL + 80 TT.